Episode 62: Iron Knight of Flowers

Episode 62: Iron Knight of Flowers


Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 62!  I’m CJ “you and your unnaturally consistent mind” Boat, he’s Jarred “who you calling donkey” Azevedo. We are joined by Rachel “sweetheart I won, give me some sugar“ Kimberly to help us talk Iron Fist!


Audio Content from Darrell “the rational part of your mind” Shayler.




Today’s shows are:

  • Iron Fist

    • S1E2: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

  • Man in the High Castle

    • S2E10: Fallout

  • Legion

    • S1E7: Chapter 7


Other Spoiler Shows:

CJ: Samurai Jack episode 1&2






  • So, Danny is about as Oreo of the talking as the viewer is.

  • Why didn’t you bring me a sammitch?

  • This is a proper establishment! We wear shoes here

  • Iron Knight of Flowers //JAZ

  • She’s everywhere she needs to be

  • Rooting for John Smith - bad Nazi man

  • We’re calling them sliders now

  • Some Nazis are the good guys

  • Creepy confidence

  • Bye bye Eye

  • Kill Bill Coffin

  • Mutant like Me