The Geek I/O Show: Episode 238: "No, Siri, No!"

This week on the Geek I/O Show, the team is joined by Brandt Cooley, the one and only Professor Shyguy, to talk about the Kickstarter for his new album, and also to rant and review Pacific Rim: Uprising!

We discussed: 

You’re Doing The Robot Dance, No Siri, No!, Zarya vs. Tracer, "I kinda didn’t like major’s mark", Every Kiss Begins with Jarred, They’re Not Black and White To Me, Big Fucking Weird Nap, Walking Through Places and Knocking Random Shit Over, Isn't That Just a Bounce House?, Leave My Toppings Alone, She Looked Like A Hot Mess, The World’s Best Meat Easting Vegan, and of course, The World’s Best Meat Eating Vegan (the difference is vital).

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