The Geek I/O Show #268: "Zimbab-WAY Rich"

The spoop continues this week with the Geek I/O Show x Exploding Dice crossover Halloween special! With the Chads thoroughly scared away from the asylum, our so-called "heroes" are left to their own devices. Which apparently means arts and crafts, recreational activities, and... bat frogs?

We also discuss: Zimbab-WAY Rich, Batfrog Pantomime, Sincere Amorphous Raisin Party Time, Restaurant Sports Bra, taxes pay for things, Kill-O-Meter, Kaipucchino, Pot Tree, free rain, Bongsai, Medammit, Like a Big Peter Pan, BoogleMaps, and Long Haired Eared.

Join us on the Geek I/O Show, won't you? This crossover is a hit!