How It Stacks #03: Escape from New York (and LA too)

"I'm sorry... Who are you again?"..."The name's Snake!"

That's right people we're stacking the cult classics Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.! Brace yourselves as JD goes on a rant letting us know how he really feels and as he makes fun of terrible names! Willis continues to increase his one liners by adding "murder boner" to the list and the guys discuss where they would want to go to prison!

Special thanks to Anamanaguchi  for our transition music; and to Geek I/O for hosting our show! 

How it Stacks #0: Voltron

We’re talking about VOLTRON!! That’s right “How it Stacks” is going see, after all these years, if Voltron stacks up to all those memories we have. Plus Willis and JD talk about easy ways not get laid, JD’s “first time”, those kids mommy made you play with, and why the Power Rangers owe our favorite robeast slayer some major money.

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